NFTs that

make MoViEs

& do GOOD

We want to
level the
playing field
and change
the way
are made
with Web 3.
We want

Access Pass NFT

Our Access Pass will be available for a limited time and give holders airdropped MovieNFTs for as long as they hold it.

Movie NFTs

Our MovieNFTs will give everyone the chance to become a movie producer. Complete with behind the scenes access, set visits, premiere tickets and royalties on some films.

The Academy

Our academy works with disadvantaged and underrepresented young people. We give them crucial experience and contacts in an industry that would otherwise be closed off to them.

A productive community

We want to build a community who are still with us when we make film number 50. That's why we are making NFTs with awesome game mechanics, artwork, intelligent rights management and much much more.

About the Passes

Two kinds of passes with two levels of access. Access Pass NFT Holders will get air-dropped Movie NFTs for free and much more. Popcorn Pass holders get access to The Money Shot community and a look behind the scenes of making movies and NFT projects.

Popcorn Pass

0.01 /Eth (slow mint)

Launching in November 2022, we are expecting this pass to mint out slowly over time as we build our relevance in the space.

The Popcorn Pass provides access to The Money Shot community, white list opportunities for Movie NFT's, collaborations and filmmaker AMA's/Behind the Scenes.

Early access to full-length versions of the Money Shot BTS documentaries.

Rare 1 in 10 trait could make your Popcorn Pass convert to an Access Pass on Mint.

Popcorn Passes are eligible for some Movie NFT free airdrops.

White list opportunities for some Movie NFT's and some collaborations.

Access to The Money Shot private Discord.

Access to Behind the Scenes videos.

Access to watch Filmmaker AMA's.

Access Pass

1 /Eth - Coming 2023

Exclusive Access to everything The Money Shot offers.

Ongoing Free Movie NFT Airdrops for every Money Shot movie produced.

Access to The Money Shot private Discord.

Access to Behind the Scenes videos and live streams.

Access to all Filmmaker AMA's.

Access to Community Filmmaker Job Board.

Access to Community Filmmaker Pitch Board.

Rare Set Pass traits will give holders access to visit the film set.

Premiere invites and pre-release previews.

Priority questions at all Filmmaker AMA's.

Your name on the films end credits.

Launch Party Invitations to hang out with the stars of the movies.

ThE MoViEs

We will be announcing the first few movies we will be producing when we launch the Access Pass NFT. Access Pass NFT Holders will get air-dropped Movie NFTs for free, whitelist access and more.

Movie NFT 1:

A version of Macbeth shot in modern Britain. Currently at the end of Post-production.
NFT Features: Coming Soon

Movie NFT 2:

A British gangster thriller. Shot in the style of films like Drive. Currently in pre-production.
NFT Features: Coming Soon

Movie NFT 3:
The Burning

The Burning will be our third Movie NFT. Currently at the scripting phase of pre-production.
NFT Features: Coming Soon

Movie NFT 4:
Coming Soon

Movie NFT 5:
Coming Soon

Movie NFT 6:
Coming Soon


We are giving free Access Passes away to some of our favourite NFT communities. Click your NFT below and sign up for your special communities special raffle! More to come.
WTF is an Access Pass?
We have a few more Access Passes for great communities. DM @peterfsnell on twitter and let's build something.

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HoW We WorK

We produce high quality British micro-budget movies, collaborating with seasoned professionals and artists.
But we go one step further too. We also give disadvantaged/under-represented young people the experience and skills they need to build a career in the film industry.

Founders Background

The founders of The Money Shot have been in the creative and movie making business for decades.

Paul Mills is the owner of Screen Northants with several films already under his belt (IMDB). Screen Northants are the production company that will provide the production model for The Money Shot's movies.

Peter Snell has been working in the film and television industry for the last 15 years and developing projects in web 3 for clients and himself for the last 2 years. He is the nerdy creative that will be merging the NFT's with the movie making process and ensuring value for all NFT holders.

Our team are seasoned professionals that have worked on major motion pictures to TV and video games. They are also the ones passing down their experience and knowledge to our young, aspiring filmmakers.

Does micro-budget movie, mean bad movie?

The Money Shot makes micro-budget movies. Not bad movies.

We make movies produced on a budget, but not a budget that means we can't make good movies. This model not only allows us to give directors creative freedom but also allows us to reach a profit quickly - putting that profit to work on the next film, the next set of Movie NFT's and so on.

Think Blumhouse and you can't go far wrong. They started in 2008 with Paranormal Activity - which was shot and produced for $15,000 but grossed over $193 million worldwide.

We won't be making movies shot with a handy-cam, but you get the idea. Smaller budget equals bigger profit, allows bigger budget next movie (if needed to make it great).

This is why our first project will be an action movie. Not only does it give us the opportunity to really have some fun with the NFT's, but action movies are selling like hot cakes at the moment.

How can making movies do good?

The Money Shot has partnered with Screen Northants for all its production - who in 2016 pitched an idea to BBC Children in Need.

The idea that was pitched was that we could use the film making process to raise aspirations in young people, with a particular focus on those who are severely disadvantaged and/or underrepresented in our industry.

BBC Children in Need provided the proof-of-concept funding and we have produced 3 feature films in our model and worked with 210 young people who fit the Children in Need (CIN) criteria. The results were fantastic, and BBC Children in Need were blown away by the achievements.

How Screen Northants works

Money Shot works directly with Screen Northants on the production of its movies. Screen Northants itself is made up of 2 strands. Film and Academy and they both feed into each other. They are of equal importance to the success of the project as whole.

As a result of this partnership we can make high quality professional Films/Television, while creating a meritocracy within industry. Levelling the playing field by removing socio-economic, geographic and cultural barriers so that anyone with the right work ethic will have a shot at the big time.

This seems like a simple statement but there are a couple of compelling reasons for wanting to do this.

Firstly, because we engage disadvantaged and underrepresented young people on our projects, the expectation from industry was that the films themselves are simply educational tools or worse, student lead films. This is not the case, the best analogy we have for our model is that of a teaching hospital. Highly skilled professionals doing the work, while at the same time teaching juniors, allowing them to observe and even gain hands on experience whenever possible and without detracting from the quality of delivery. The student is in the operating theatre but ultimately the qualified surgeon removes the kidney.

Secondly, we have found that best way to reach the more severely disenfranchised and disengaged young person is to treat them like an equal and engage them on projects with substance. To say “I trust you” to work on a film we have made up as an academic exercise for them is a waste of time. To say “I trust you” on a film that is everyone’s livelihood and puts food on tables to feed our families, has a massive impact on how those young people engage.

Thirdly, we want a BAFTA. We want to make films that are critical and or commercial successes as this not only validates the model but also helps subsidise it.

What is The Academy?

70 disadvantaged young people will get unprecedented training and work experience in Film and TV.

The Academy  is a 7 year programme which provides educational pathways and industry experience for 14-21 year olds.

How it works is simple. We identify young people through engagement with schools directly or in connection with the Schools Film Competition. From 14-16 we provide work experience on 2 films (one per year). We then guide them to an appropriate Further Education course and from 16-18 they gain experience on 2 more films. By this point we hope they will have a clear idea of which department they want to work in and we then guide them to an appropriate Higher Education course. Throughout the HE course, they will gain additional experience on 3 more films, but now focused specifically on the department they want to work in. At 21 they leave University with a degree, 7 feature films on their CV and decent network of professionals to chase for work.  

What is an Access Pass?

Our Access Pass is set to launch soon and will be a unique, limited supply mint. Access Pass holders get ccess to the Movie NFT's before anyone else and are also air dropped free Movie NFT's for every Access Pass owned. There will be many more perks for pass holders down the road.

What is a Movie NFT?

Movie NFT's are a creative way of raising money to produce movies. Every project will be different and come with unique artwork, trait's, attributes and utility.

How many Movie NFT's will there be?

This will be Movie NFT dependant as well. Every movie is different and comes with it's own fund raising abilities. Also when a project is successful, 100% of the profit's go toward making the next Movie as a result holders of that Movie NFT will be automatically air-dropped the next one.

What is the benefit of owning the NFT?

Imagine owning a part of Reservoir Dogs before it was released. Let's take it one step further. Imagine owning rights to a character in Star Wars before it was big... Just to give you some flavour on some of the things we are working on...

When will the project launch?

Soon. We are working on a few things first.

What will the first Movie NFT be?

We have several movies in the pipeline currently, some with initial funding secured and others with no fund at all yet. We will announce the first Movie/Movie NFT with the launch of the Access Pass NFT.

Wen Discord?

Our discord will open after the Access Pass Mint has completed. We will be hiring mod's and staffing our communications so the founders can focus on launching the Movie NFT's and producing the Movies themselves.